Chapter 2

The video above will blow your mind.

After the fun and frivolity of decorating the Christmas Gazelle was over this afternoon, we wanted to wake up Gazelle to share in the laugh.  We had no idea it would be so difficult.

Granted, it's not unusual to walk into a production room and see Gazelle asleep on the control board.  He'll fall asleep at his desk, he'll fall asleep in important meetings with people visiting from our corporate headquarters.  He'll fall asleep on the couch in Nancy Hall's office.

I've heard it said that it's a good idea not to wake a sleeping bear, but I never knew how impossible to was to wake a sleeping Gazelle.  I can't begin to imagine what iPhone ring tone he needs to wake up each morning before the crack of dawn.

After I tried (and failed) several times to wake Gazelle, I turned to a team approach.  I rounded up some of the staff, and we came up with the best strategy to wake him up.  You will not even believe the lengths that we had to take to finally wake the Fun 107 giant.  The process took over half an hour.  We edited the video for time!

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