It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at Fun 107.  The toys are being donated here in the lobby.  You'll hear the occasional Christmas song play in between Bruno Mars and Halsey, and the Fun 107 Christmas tree is lit up.

It's not unusual for Gazelle to fall asleep here at Fun 107.  Let's face it, the guy puts in a lot of hours working on the morning show, and he doesn't have the best bedtime routine.  Gazelle will stay out til two or three in the morning on the weekends, then wake up at 4am during the week.  It's not the easiest schedule for someone to have in their life.

So when Gazelle falls asleep at work...we always try to have some fun with him.  Since we're less than 2 weeks away from Christmas, we thought it would be nice to decorate him for the holiday.  We broke out the tinsel and the ornaments...and we paid him a visit as he slept away in the Fun 107 conference room.

What we didn't expect came next.  It was almost impossible to wake him up.  It became a team effort.  Wait until  you see the lengths we had to take in order to finally wake up a sleeping Gazelle.



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