I'm not going to lie.  The fact that Acushnet Creamery is now mass producing my ice cream idea is a little flattering.  Coffee Kat ice cream - coffee ice cream with Kit Kats - is a reality.  

Acushnet Creamery Facebook Page

About a week or two ago, Acushnet Creamery asked their Facebook fans for any ideas for concept ice cream flavors.  There were lots of great ideas shared on Fun107's Facebook...some of which might be picked up by AC.  The news broke yesterday afternoon that Acushnet Creamery was now serving MY brainchild:  Coffee Kat ice cream.

I ran down to Acushnet Creamery, ordered a large bowl with jimmies, and couldn't contain my delight when the little girl next to me ordered a kiddie-sized Coffee Kat.  I felt the same pride that Steve Jobs must have felt when he saw someone using an iPhone.  My intellectual property...being consumed by the youth of America.

The manager at Acushnet Creamery told me that they had already sold two buckets of my new flavor.  "Not bad," she said, "considering it was kind of a slow Sunday."  She said she'd have a better idea of how well it is being received next weekend, when she expected to see a higher volume of customers lining up at the door.

Pro Tip:  I ordered 1/2 Coffee Chip with 1/2 Coffee Cat.  Top it off with jimmies for the perfect balance of both hard and crunchy chocolate candies paired with the coffee ice cream that made Acushnet Creamery famous. Listen to me brag about my biggest accomplishment to date in the YouTube link below.

Additional Reporting and Video by Michael DeSouza