Today is National Single's Day and it looks like a man in China will now be able to celebrate his newfound singleness after he proposed to his girlfriend with 99 iPhones and she said no.

Talk about embarrassing, a young man in China decided to spend $82,000, two years of his salary, on 99 iPhones. He bought all of the iPhones just so he could form them into a heart on the ground for his girlfriend. When he convinced her to stand in the middle of the $82,000 heart, he knelt down on one knee and proposed to her. Sounds kind of romantic, right? Well to my and definitely his surprise, she said no!

Personally, I think it's kinda weird when someone isn't 100% sure if the person they are dating is going to say yes or no. You would think everyone would be comfortable enough in their relationship that they could talk about marriage beforehand to see if both of them want the same things, but not in this case I guess.  In front of a whole crowd of people, she said no and left the poor guy with a broken heart and a ton of iPhones. I hope he can get his money back because that is a ridiculous amount to spend just to propose to someone!

Just remember guys, when it's time to propose, try to make sure the partner you choose is into getting married to you first!

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