I think I am going to drive my husband insane.

Let me start by saying that I love my husband and he loves me, but I will admit that I have a weird habit that even I don't fully understand, and I think it gives my husband one new gray hair a day.

My husband is far from perfect but this is more about poking fun at myself and fully admitting that I am the culprit of an understandable pet peeve.

Maddie's Weird Habit That Her Husband Cannot Stand

I think I have a closure issue. That may be a question for my therapist, but let me explain.

I never close anything. Ketchup bottles, cabinets, drawers, shampoo bottles, toothpaste caps... If it needs shutting, chances are I did not.

I acknowledge this is a weird habit, but it wasn't until my husband called me out on it that I realized how weird it was.

The Moment I Knew It Was Weird

The other night, I decided to sneak a sip of the Pepsi that my husband was saving in the fridge for the next day. I closed the fridge, went upstairs and got ready for bed.

Not long after, I heard my husband coming up the stairs.

"I can't believe you," he said jokingly. "How dare you take a swig of my Pepsi."

"How did you find out?" I asked.

"How do you think?" he smirked. Turns out, I didn't even bother to twist the lid back on the soda. It was just in the fridge, open.

It's such an odd habit, and yet I've been that way for years.

The SouthCoast Chimes In

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