"I like sunsets and long walks on the beach" --some guy.

When it comes to the modern day world of dating, the struggles of searching for that right one online or via a dating app can be stressful.

Here at Fun 107, it's fair to say that JR is a classy cassanova. Just ask the sales women. His kind words and suave looks are deadly enough to cause anyone to swoon.

Before I continue discussing his assets, here's a little background on Mr. Stud Lee:

Photo via JR's Facebook
Photo via JR's Facebook

Impressive, to say the least. He's well-rounded to the core.

When it comes to conversation, JR is your best bet as far as a good listener goes. He's attentive, non-judgmental and his friendly smile is strong enough to warm up your soul like a cup of Campbell's Creamy Tomato Soup.

If you love cars and classic automobiles, JR is the expert. He's a history buff of beastly engines and classy Caddies. Got a thing for '65 Mustangs? He'll tell you what kind of alternator will fit to make that bad boy purrrrrrrr.

He's a walking bible of knowledge, and a lover of cats and dogs. Got a four-legged friend? No problem! There's plenty of room in his heart for the both of you.

If you haven't poured yourself a hefty glass of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc yet after reading this, then perhaps you can join him for a Jim Beam on the rocks as he soothes you over with his buttermilk voice, reading a few lines from Herman Melville's classic Moby Dick. There might other fish in the sea, but a tale of a whale is just what you might be looking for.

Interested yet? Because you should be.

Let's be honest--there's only one JR in this world, and if you think you have what it takes to date a radio legend, then message Fun 107's Facebook page.

This knight in shining armor doesn't come around often, and perhaps you're the one he's looking to ride off into the sunset with.

Laters, baby.

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