For the most part, we are all familiar with Craigslist's "Missed Connections," but have you ever wondered if these people discovered each other?

In the case of the "Female Fairhaven Wal-Mart Cashier," the male (I only know it's a guy because he posted 'M4F,' which stands for male searching for female) is actually the one that we are in search of.

Before I continue, check out the Craigslist posting below:

Anytime we get a really good posting, whether it's juicy or simply far too mysterious, there are always way too many questions linked to the subject of love amongst strangers. Such as:

1. This has clearly been going on for far too long. Have you noticed the date? It reads March 17, 2018... St. Patrick's Day?! Coincidental drunk posting, or simply a guy who really needed wiper blades and a toaster on that day... which brings me to Question 2.

2. Wiper blades and a toaster, huh? A bit random, but I guess if you really need to make toast and surely wiper blades are important and urgent depending on the situation, then this question is non-topical and doesn't help with any leads.

3. There's no judgment about the anxiety, honestly, it happens to a majority of us, and this post is not intended to make fun or laugh about. This is a serious case that will be taken lightly, but the question is this: It's been three months. If the man in this scenario had the will power to go back for a second try, what stopped him from trying one more time? Or perhaps just asking another co-worker of the cashier for her name? That alone would might be helpful, and at least lead the guy closer to his crush.

I could go on and on, but the goal of all this is not to tear apart the post itself, but to potentially find this gentleman who has poured his feelings out into a Craigslist ad, in hopes to be connected with the Walmart cashier who had attracted this man from first glimpse.

In respects to the cashier, her name will be left anonymous, but we at Fun 107 have been informed of who she is and that she is aware of the posting. The only job we have left is to try and spread this act of romance to the good people here on the SouthCoast to possibly get a match.

The fate of this post is now in the hands of the readers. Best of luck!

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