If you're from or commute through Westport, this section of 88 can be a pain in the you-know-what.

I've lived in Westport for most of my life, born and raised. Ever since I started driving, there's always been this recurring annoyance on one of Westport's busiest intersections, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this one.

When traveling north or southbound on Route 88 (Main Highway), there are at least five busy four-way intersections where the traffic lights are located:

  • Briggs Road
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  • Old County Road
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  • Charlotte White Road
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  • Hixbridge Road
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  • Drift Road/Hotel Hill Road
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Now, here's the problem. Most of these incidents occur around the Briggs and County Road intersections.

As you wait at the red light, waiting for it to turn green to continue straight (north or southbound), there are three lanes. If you're in the left lane, you're clearly turning left. If you're in the middle lane, you're clearly going straight, and then there's that pesky right-hand lane that I simply can not stand. It's supposed to be a turn right turn lane, but you can also continue straight.

If you chose to continue straight in that right-hand lane, you'll see that the middle and right-hand lanes merge--and they merge quickly, as in within 50 feet.

Numerous times, I've been in that middle lane, minding my own business and obeying the traffic laws, when some lunatic will come flying up on my right, just to pass me or get ahead of traffic.


I have personally got into altercations where the so-called "entitled" driver will throw up their hands--and certain fingers--in road rage because they couldn't merge in when trying to beat the line of cars that were in front of them. I can only imagine how many accidents were caused by people trying to out-race or simply speed ahead from a distance to make up a few seconds of travel time.

Honestly, if you're really in a rush, wait until you get through the light and then properly pass, SAFELY, when the dashed lines on the highway are available.

It's not rocket science, it's basic rules of the road. The same rules we all learned from driving school. Stick to them, and it could save you from an accident or perhaps injury.