Massachusetts Ranked Seventh Worst State to Drive in.
I can't lie, when I first read this, I thought we would at least be in the top 3, so I'm a little disappointed.
On a serious note, the study was done by WalletHub, and they took 4 main factors into account: Cost of Maintenance and Ownership, Traffic and Infrastructure, Safety, and Access to…
Drivers - Avoid Turtles in Road
Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs is warning drivers to avoid turtles that may be trying to cross a busy road. It's risky for you and other drivers if you pull over unsafely to help the little guy (or girl)...
Freezing Rain Turns Boston-Area Roads into Sheets of Ice
BOSTON (AP) _ State police are reporting numerous multi-vehicles accidents on Boston-area highways that were turned into skating rinks by early morning freezing rain.
Police tweeted that Route 128 northbound north of Interstate 93 in the Wakefield area was completely shut down Wednesday for multiple …

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