Apparently, the Faunce Corner Road exit from 195 East is now considered "Comfort Lane."

While driving to the mall to broadcast live from SantaFest over the weekend, I heard something strange come from the speakers of my GPS. Instead of it telling me to take the Faunce Corner Road exit, it told me to take "Comfort Lane." Umm...ok.

Since when has it been called that, and when were these signs put up? This is new news to me. This what the exit used to look like before the recent changes:

Google Maps
Google Maps

Now for the ultimate question: WHAT is so comforting? It's always so busy around that area that with the booming metropolis of businesses and restaurants that it's overbearing to just drive in that area, and it's only going to become worse around Christmas time.

I would love to know who named it that, because of there's a reason behind the name, I'm truly baffled to understand why.

Once you get past the first set of lights, it is instant road rage. The right lanes merge into each other without warning, ensuing honking horns and disgruntled drivers. Again, nothing comforting here.

I just wish I knew WHY the name was chosen and why the construction hasn't changed the current busy travel situation. Not to sound like a Debby Downer, but I would have settled with Brakelight Lane or even Bumper-To-Bumper Express. At least it's a little bit more realistic. Heck, I'll even settle with Disgruntled Dragway.

Anything but "Comfort Lane."

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