Our Fun 107 family has now known Maddie for years as cohost of the morning show, but I have never had more respect for her, or been more proud of her, than I was on Saturday night.

Maddie has been training for this weekend's fight for years. The last time she fought was last year, but it wasn't in front of a crowd due to COVID restrictions.

"It's not the same without people there," Maddie said.

That's why she was so excited to finally get another chance to step into the ring for a kickboxing match, this time in front of a rowdy, capacity crowd at Melrose Memorial Hall.

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There were 16 bouts on the card for Saturday night, and Maddie's fight was the final female matchup. The energy in the venue was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. It was quite the experience.

A mix of music, from all different cultures, blared in between matches as the crowd cheered each fighter entering the room. During the matches, haunting Thai style of music filled the room.

As Maddie's match drew closer, our adrenaline grew. I can only imagine how much adrenaline was flowing through Maddie's veins.

The match immediately before Maddie's featured one kickboxer who utilized some martial arts in her fighting style. She used hip throws to toss her opponent to the not-so-soft mat a couple of times.

Watch Technical Knockout

Her final throw sent her opponent to the mat so hard that it appeared to cause a concussion. Her opponent looked dazed and confused. She tried to shake it off and continue the fight, but the referee wisely called a technical knockout.

That TKO was stuck in my head as Maddie entered the ring. I hadn't really thought much about the possibility of her getting hurt, but the reality set in that there was, in fact, an element of danger.

Instead of giving away the ending, here's a chance for you to watch the action on your own. The fight has been condensed down to a seven-minute video.

Caution:  You may not recognize our sweet, bubbly Maddie Levine in this video.

We're all so proud of you, Maddie!

Watch Maddie's Fight

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