It's a new year, a new coach, and a new chance to win for the New England Patriots. If this cloud I spotted over Fairhaven isn't a good omen, I don't know what is.

On Tuesday, April 16, right around 7:15 p.m., the sun was setting upon the SouthCoast. The sky was a brilliant splash of orange and pink. There was one lingering cloud floating across Route 240 in Fairhaven that caught my eye. My wife noticed it, too, so my jaw wasn't the only one that dropped.

"Quick, hunny, take a photo!" I said. "It looks like a face!"

Then she said something that blew my mind.

"It looks like Pat Patriot! Like, the logo for the New England Patriots!"

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Could this cloud be a sign from the Football Gods above?

Of all days to see it, this was the 72nd birthday of Bill Belichick, the Super Bowl-winning coach who left the team last season. Jerod Mayo will lead the team into a new era.

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Maybe you're thinking this cloud was just a cloud. Maybe you want to ask me, "Are you high?"


There's very little my wife and I have in common, but spotting signs in the sky is one of them. Perhaps it was just the way the sun was shining, but you have to admit, there's a face.

If I'm Mayo, I'm taking this as a solid positive start to the upcoming season. Go, Pats! And happy birthday, Coach Belichick.

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