FAIRHAVEN (WBSM) — Eversource has provided an explanation for the recent power outages that have plagued Fairhaven in recent weeks.

After an outage on Tuesday, April 16, residents in a Fairhaven Facebook group were questioning why there had been so many outages recently.

It seemed to be concentrated in the East Fairhaven area, although a WBSM caller said her sister was also experiencing the brief outages in the Oxford neighborhood.

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A Stop & Shop employee, who was discussing the recent power outages, told us that afternoon they were told it had something to do with underground power cables that were outdated, and that all the recent rain had saturated the ground and was causing the cables to short out.

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We reached out to Eversource to find out if this was indeed the case, and received a response from Senior Media Relations Specialist Kyle Costa that cited a different cause for the outages.

“Over the last couple of weeks, there have been a handful of brief or momentary outages on the local circuit which were most likely caused by tree branches and high winds,” Costa said.

“Automated circuit protection technology normally reduces the size and customer impact of area outages, but (Tuesday) there was a main line connection that faulted that required a crew to make repairs,” Costa said. “We are performing additional circuit patrols to look for other potential problems to correct any areas needing more tree trimming.”

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