Science rules! So does this fascinating fun fact.

Did you know that Bill Nye the Science Guy has a family connection with Fairhaven and New Bedford? The beloved TV scientist is linked to the people behind Nye Lubricants, a 180-year-old company on Howland Road in Fairhaven.

An interview on Nye Lubricants' website featuring Bill Nye and Planetary Radio host Mat Kaplan highlighted the fascinating tie. It turns out Bill Nye is descended from the brother of Nye Lubricants founder William Foster Nye.

"Oh yes, the Nye family -- not to trouble anybody -- but they were whalers in New England selling whale oil and the Nye Lubricant company, we have common ancestry," Nye said.

William Foster Nye, an American businessman, founded Nye Lubricants in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. His entrepreneurial journey began out of his kitchen, where he sold various oils, including burning oils, lubricating oils and castor oil. His business soon expanded to a small storefront in New Bedford, producing lubricating oils for delicate machinery such as watches, clocks, chronometers, sewing machines, typewriters, bicycles and electrical instruments.

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William Foster Nye left a lasting legacy, with Nye Lubricants continuing to provide high-quality lubricating oils worldwide. The company’s products have enhanced the performance of diverse items from IBM typewriters and Ford vehicles to the Mars Rover.

This shared ancestral line might explain Bill Nye the Science Guy's enduring passion for science. From his popular educational television series to his achievements as an engineer, Nye is as passionate about science as they come. He played a significant role in developing a small sundial for the Mars Exploration Rover missions. The MarsDial rover, with its colorful panels, served as a calibration tool and timekeeping device.

In 2005, Bill Nye became the vice president of The Planetary Society, further solidifying his impressive career in scientific discovery and research.

In January 2020, Nye Lubricants joined the FUCHS Group, marking a new chapter in its history.

The connection between Bill Nye and Nye Lubricants is a deep-rooted legacy of innovation and scientific exploration.

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