New England sports teams are supreme. There, I said it.

But here’s the kicker. Since our teams are so good, we pay the price to enjoy our teams at a live event. According to a new study, Massachusetts is ranked as the most expensive state to buy tickets to watch live sports, and the numbers are less than friendly to our wallets.

Remitly analyzed ticket prices for 141 men’s professional sports teams in the U.S. across five different sports — American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey and soccer.

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“To work out the average cost per state, we focused our study solely on the price of single game tickets per sport,” the company said. “With almost every team using dynamic pricing (where ticket prices change regularly based on demand), our analysis has provided a snapshot in time.”

With that in mind, the Bay State takes the No. 1 spot with an average single ticket cost of $236.

With about nine teams spread across five major sports, check out the average ticket prices for every major sport in Massachusetts.

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Second only to Las Vegas, Foxborough is an incredibly pricey city to buy tickets for American football. With tickets coming out to about $516, NFL fans might want to make sure they save up for next season.


Beat out by New York and Missouri, Massachusetts baseball tickets are the third highest in the country, costing about $96 per ticket. With the Red Sox being one of the Yankees' biggest competitors, it’s not a surprise that Massachusetts clocks in as one of the highest-costing states to buy tickets to a ball game.


Being the birthplace of the sport, it is a little surprising that Massachusetts is only the second most expensive state to get basketball tickets, with prices coming out to about $280. The only state that outranks it is New York at $362.

Ice Hockey

Continuing the silver streak, Massachusetts is the second most expensive state to buy ice hockey tickets, with prices coming in around $223 per ticket. This ranking was a close one, being beat out by Arizona by only $17.


Ending off on an interesting note, Massachusetts is the fifth cheapest state to buy soccer tickets, with the price per ticket being $64 compared to the District of Columbia’s staggering price of $264.

In New England, we love our sports teams. In Massachusetts, be prepared to pay for it.

Additional reporting done by Nick McLeod

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