2020 has brought a lot of sorrow. It forced a lot of people to pivot on their plans and adapt to a new normal. While some changes I could do without, there is one change that I am a big fan of, and I hope it sticks around well after the pandemic.

I have never seen the gym so clean in my life. I belong to a kickboxing gym, as well as a strength and conditioning gym, and I am thrilled at how well the two have successfully kept up with the new rules and regulations.

Before and after every workout, I witness the sanitation process of equipment. I watch my coach personally mop down the mats. I witness trainers constantly cleaning weights and handles to ensure the safety of others. While it certainly takes more effort on their end, I hope to see habits like these stay around.

Both of my gyms were clean to begin with. But to my fellow gym-goers, I think we all know that the communal treadmills and the handles on the dumbbells have never been wiped down as much as they are now.

Personally, I feel safe in my gyms. The new guidelines not only protect us from COVID, but I have peace of mind knowing that I am not touching someone else’s sweat when I am ready to use a piece of equipment.

I look forward to the day when normalcy returns and businesses can go back to a typical day of operation, but I would love to see the level of sanitation stick around, even after the pandemic.

I don’t consider myself a germaphobe, but I like knowing that the equipment I am touching was previously touched by a sanitizing wipe rather than a sweaty hand.

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