A home from the late 1700's has hit the market in Newport, but it might not look like you think it would.

Lila Delman real estate has listed Fern Cottage on Broadway in Newport for just under half a million dollars. And the circa 1790 home is in move in condition.

Actually it's in much more modern condition than you might originally think.

Things have clearly been updated throughout the years and the house is much more open and light than the outside might make you think.

The bedrooms do appear to be a little on the small side, but the kitchen is absolutely amazing if you ask me.

Not to mention the fact that your just a short drive from the Newport beaches and the downtown area with it's fantastic restaurants.

And sure some people would rather keep their historic home more historically accurate, but I kinda dig the modern look this house has been given.

How about you? Should older homes be kept more original or is modernizing the inside a-okay with you?

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