Let me be the first to tell you how amazing Lewis Capaldi is, in case you didn't think he was already, with his chart-topping hit "Someone You Loved." And his new song is also pretty epic, too.

Lewis, as you may know, is a Scottish singer and songwriter. You would never know he has a super thick Scottish accent by his songs, but let me tell you he not only has a heavy accent he also has the mouth of a sailor, so his shows aren't for the young.

Has he been touring for a while and loves being able to just be himself on stage. Selling out venues all over the country and having a No. 1 song with "Someone You Loved" means he just has to have a follow-up song.

Are we done with sappy love songs or can we not get enough of them? Especially with his smooth vocals.

He has been nominated for a Grammy for "Someone You Loved." That's right, it's up for Song of the Year. He has some tough competition in that category as he will be competing with Lizzo, Taylor Swift, and Billie Eilish for the win. Fingers crossed for this amazing human.

Here is his next single, "Before You Go":

Thoughts? Are you still swooning over Lewis's smooth vocals? Do you think he has another No. 1 song? Tell us, is it wicked good or totally whack? You can help us decide if we should add it to the Fun 107 playlist.

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