Can you believe or belieb that Justin Bieber's mom turns 38 tomorrow? I'm 35 and I could've been his dad. Scary. Anyway, the Biebs wants everyone to help celebrate by donating money to charity, because he needs his money to buy new Ferraris.

According to twitter, Justin's mom, Pattie Mallette, has teamed with the organization Charity: Water to use her birthday to raise money to build a fresh water well in Ethiopia.  The goal is to raise ten thousand dollars, and so far just over three thousand bucks has been donated.

She made this statement on the organization's website,

A woman doesn't usually tell her age, but it's worth it to tell you I'm turning 38. Instead of gifts, I'm asking everyone I know to donate one dollar for every year I have lived.


I just can't get over the fact that Justin Bieber fans don't really need to pitch in the 10K. $10,000 to Justin Bieber is like a buck. I say he gives it himself, and stop speeding, and stop getting into fights, and stop spitting. A good boy is a mom's best gift.