At what point did your birthday become just another day?

For me, it was 26. By 26, I felt too old to party all night with friends, throw a backyard party, or make my family sing me “Happy Birthday.” As I celebrate my 28 birthday today, I have found a new way to celebrate, and you should keep this in mind when your special day comes around.

When I was younger, birthdays were all about the party. In my younger years, my mom went above and beyond to make the day special, calling all my classmates and going overboard with decorations.

In my early 20s, I would tear up the town with my closest friends and celebrate until the sun came up. Now as I approach 30, I have decided to treat my birthday as a day of self-love and reflection. It’s not about how many people say “Happy Birthday” to me anymore, it’s about showing myself some love for a day.

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For me, that means a pedicure, a little shopping spree, and spending the afternoon wrapped up in a comfortable blanket watching movies. It’s nothing short of heaven.

I also carved out some time to write down my blessings. I think it’s so important to acknowledge your accomplishments and the positive aspects of your life, and what better day to self-reflect than the day you were born?

When I put pen to paper and see my long list of things that I am grateful for, it warms my heart and reminds me that life is made up of a series of beautiful moments. It’s easy to get wrapped up in negativity.

“I’m getting old.”

“What am I doing with my life?”

“I can’t believe my twenties are almost gone.”

Keeping a grateful heart and giving yourself a pat on the back makes for a much more rewarding birthday than a night of drinking ever could.

For my birthday this year, I choose happiness, acceptance, and gratitude. Try it on your birthday and watch how great you feel.

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