Lily Somers is Portland, Maine's number one Fun 107 fan. She makes it a point to listen to Michael and Maddie every single morning on the way into first grade. She really enjoys the music, but admits that it's the conversation that keeps her coming back. Lily is seven years old. She's also my niece.

Technically, Lily doesn't turn seven until Sunday. About a month ago, when people started asking her what she wanted for her birthday, she kept saying one thing: for some reason or another, she wanted to have a chance to be on the air during Michael and Maddie. I figured that was something that could be arranged easily enough.

Lily called in to the show this morning as she was getting ready for school.

When Maddie asked her to share what "Uncle Michael" was like at home, Lily didn't hesitate.

"He is silly. And he makes weird voices," said the birthday girl.

She tried to offer her best Michael Rock impersonation but ended up not being able to hold in the laughter.

I have to admit, I was a little impressed by her desire and willingness to appear on the radio. She seems to have a little bit of the entertainer gene in her.

I also shared a story with her about the day she was born. It was a Friday. My sister was in labor while I was on the air. As soon as the show was over, I drove up to Maine to meet my niece.

When I held her and talked to her, she opened her eyes for the very first time. It was a moment I'll never forget.

Happy Birthday, Lily Bird, we love you!

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