Before we talk about the music, let's just point out the elephant in the room. Do you think it's done or purpose or not? Selena Gomez releases new music and announces a new album release, and all of a sudden Justin Bieber rolls out not only new music but a documentary on YouTube. He couldn't let her have her moment, could he?

I'm not hating because I'm absolutely a Justin Bieber fan. He always brings it when it comes to bops that we all can't get out of our heads. The new song "Yummy" is definitely something I find myself humming without even realizing.

Justin Bieber will spend the next year trying to share his story of growth with the world and is starting with his Youtube documentary and you guessed it, lots of new music.

The first single focuses on his sexy thoughts of his wife Haley Baldwin, basically sharing with the world yet again how he feels about the woman in his life.

o how do I feel about the new song from Mr. Biebs?

The jury is still out. I've listened to it a few times and it's catchy but I'm not sure I can give it the nod of a massive hit. It's a bit slower and sensual than I would like a Justin Bieber song to be. It's growing on me, though. Take a listen to it if you haven't heard it yet:

What did you think? Will 2020 be the year of the "Yummy?" Is this song wicked or whack?

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