Justin Bieber wants to make sure their world knows he has good intentions moving forward in his music career and his life. As we all know Bieber went through a rough time for a little while there.

He recently came out in a documentary stating he did struggle with addiction and recently had a struggle with Lyme disease. It hasn't been easy for Justin these last few years.
He wants to show the world he rose above. Not only did he get married and settle down but he wants to give back.

In his new music video for the song "Intentions," he shows off some of the charity he has been doing to remind his fans and the world that while he may have made a few mistakes, he has a good heart.

He will take the SNL stage over the weekend to promote the new song, album, documentary, and tour. The tour will stop at Gillette Stadium in September.

In case you haven't heard the song or just want to watch it again, here is the music video:

Not going to lie, I liked "Yummy" a little more but this song is a total banger, too. Quavo's verse is fire. What I think doesn't matter though. You decide! Should we add the new JB to the Fun 107 playlist? Is "Intentions" wicked good or totally whack? Get your vote on now and listen to Fun 107 to see if you got it added to the rotation.

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