You mean to tell me that I can cross the border into Rhode Island to go to a strip club, but I can't go to my own gym? Talk about a backward world we're living in.

Yes, it's true, our neighboring state of Rhode Island has approved the re-opening of strip clubs as of last week, and quite frankly, I'm a little disgusted by this.

If you ask me, nothing about opening up gentlemen's clubs at this stage of re-opening makes sense. Why is I can watch people "dance" (with masks on, mind you), but I can't better my physical and mental health at a fitness facility?

What I would do for a good swell after pumping some iron or an actual sweat from cardio since the good Lord knows I'm not doing much of that these days. Gyms and fitness centers are holy grounds for people who wish to escape from everyday reality. It's a place where you can let out the stress and leave it all behind. Having a bad day? No problem, just hit the bench and chest press until it hurts. Oh, how I've missed that good pain.

There could easily be a safe plan to carry out the opening of gyms, but for some reason, the state is still too hesitant to come up with one so people can get back on the grind.

I can think of several places that should have been opened up before an adult entertainment club:

  • Indoor dining, because as nice as it is to eat outside, it's not always going to be sunshine and rainbows out there.
  • Sports arenas
  • Bowling alleys
  • Yoga studios
  • Nail salons
  • The Registry of Motor Vehicles
  • Tattoo parlors
  • Public and private daycares
  • Medical spas
  • Bars

Those are just 10 examples of businesses that are not yet open, but apparently came second to strip clubs, regardless of the state. I really don't get it.

Now before you come at with me "exotic dancers and club owners need to make a living too," I said what I said. Strip clubs are the last places on my list to visit. Even before the pandemic hit the United States, you wouldn't catch me going there then and you most certainly won't find me there now.

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