Helping with music at Fun 107, I get sent a lot of different stuff. It can be a challenge to pick out the songs I want to share with you.

This song has been sitting in my email for a little over a week and now I finally think it's time to share it.

Yes, I'm a little uneasy about sharing this with you.

This song has broken records in Australia and has started creeping over to the States.

Her name is Toni Watson, and her stage name is Tones and I. She is an Australian singer-songwriter. She actually released her first song earlier this year but has only gotten traction with her latest called "Dance Monkey."

Yes, the name is bizarre and I'm still trying to figure out what that exactly means. Toni's story starts with her learning the keyboard in school and working her way into performing at bars and restaurants in her hometown.

Didn't catch her song when we played it on air? Here is "Dance Monkey," with a very fun video:

Very different, right? The music video made me laugh. It's a feel-good song, though. It's hit No. 1 in many European countries and now they are wondering if America can handle this song.

Guess now is the deciding moment. Do you think Tones and I has a hit with "Dance Monkey" or not?

Is this song wicked good or totally whack? I won't know unless you vote, so get to it. As for what I think of the song? It's growing one me. It may get added to the workout playlist. The jury is still out.

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