You normally reach for the sugary whatchamacallit when you in the middle of a busy day at work realize you haven't eaten anything in like 8 hours.  It's a habit, it's what you've done for years now.

How do you break those bad habits?

Find a replacement for that sugary sweet you know you shouldn't reach for.  Instead of the twizlers or chocolates, have a small tupperware of fruit you can eat instead.  Your still snacking on something sweet but it's "healthy sweet".


You are stuck in the rut of leaving work and finding any excuse to just head home and skip the gym.  It's becoming a habit and it's making you lazy.  Set an alarm on your phone for 5 minutes before you leave work for the day.  Have it remind you to...GO TO THE GYM!  In addition to that, have a friend or spouce send you a reminder text that you must NOT blow off the gym today.  This will help to hold you accountable.

Wanting to be a better you?  Write down 3 great qualities you feel you posses.  Then write down 3 things that you want to do better at.  Compare both list and implement all 3 qualities to 1 of the things you need to work on.  You'd be suprised at how this exercise will help you become the best version of YOU, you can be :)