FUN 107 and Southcoast Health are recognizing Heart Health Month. February is all about heart health, so here are some tips to keep your heart in awesome shape.

  1. Eat fats! I know it sounds crazy, but there are such things as healthy fats like polyunsaturated fats and unsaturated fats. People get so nervous about eating fats, even though healthy fats are essential for a healthy heart. A perfect example of a healthy fat is peanut butter.
  2. Get your blood pressure checked. You never want to make your heart work harder than it has to, and if you have high blood pressure, you're putting too much stress on it! Your heart will have to work much harder to even do simple things moving like blood and oxygen to and from your heart.
  3. Think past just the scale. Now this one hits a lot of people who think they're in the clear, and they aren't, myself included. Just because you look good, you have some muscle, some tone, doesn't mean you're healthy. Believe me, one of the biggest misconceptions out there is you need to eat like Mike Tyson (excluding ears) to get toned and muscular. So, just because you're in good shape on the outside, doesn't mean you are on the inside, eat healthily.

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