We often forget that there are less fortunate people in this world who could use a helping hand or a simple leg up in life.

Since I joined the Providence Rugby team, I've found my roots once again. Rugby not only made me the man that I am today, but has also defined and carved my outlook on life.

At the end of a very vigorous and physical practice, the coach gathered us up and asked that we helped give back to the community by gathering items to donate to Savers.

That's what rugby is all about. It's a hooligan sport played by gentlemen.

That being said, if anyone has any clothes, shoes, bedding, towels or accessories that they would like to donate, the club would be more than happy to accept all or anything the community can offer.

Items can be brought here to the radio station at 22 Sconticut Neck Road, or I would be more than happy to meet up to make it easier.

Again, this is nothing more than a simple way to help give back to the community by donating and lending a helping hand to those who might not have much. Savers will take your unwanted items and turn them around to sell to folks at a deep discount, allowing them to purchase the items they need without having to spend full price on them.

This way, it's not about collecting items that we can give someone as a "handout," but rather making items available to people that can have the pride in being able to purchase the items for themselves.

For more information, feel free to email me at Gazelle@Fun107.com.


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