We've all been there...you're rushing around, need to eat something and inevitably get fast food. But you can make that stop a little better by sticking to these menu items.

No matter what your go-to fast food chain is, there are items on the menu that are better than others for your health.

And though most of the menu items can't exactly be dubbed "healthy", here are the better options calorie-wise if you need to do the drive thru thing.


  • McDonalds

    Looking for the lowest calorie item on the MceDees menu?

    According to their website it's the Egg McMuffin.

    At 370 calories, this breakfast menu staple won't ruin your whole day, no matter what time of day you grab one.

    And you can save even more calories by ordering it with egg whites or without the cheese.

  • Burger King

    More of a BK fan?

    Go for their chicken fries, not the nuggets.

    The chicken fries clock in at 290 calories, nearly 150 calories less than their nugget counterpart.

    Of course to keep those calories low, you'll have to skip the actual fries.

  • Wendy's

    On the Wendy's menu it's kind of no surprise that their salads are the most calorie friendly items. (doesn't hurt that they are also delicious)

    The best salad they offer for those watching their weight, but still stuck getting fast food...the apple pecan chicken salad.

    This massive salad has 560 calories, but get the still satisfying half size and you knock that down to 340 calories.

  • Sonic

    Though we all love Sonic tots, they are really not the healthiest choice when heading to their car hop.

    Instead try the grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato and light mayonnaise on a whole-grain ciabatta bun.

    It sounds so tasty and it's only 460 calories.

  • Taco Bell

    Living mas doesn't have to mean mas calories.

    Taco Bell experimented with a whole line of healthier options for a while there, but not too many of those remain on the main menu.

    You can still get a veggie power bowl with pico de gallo, lettuce, guacamole, black beans, a dab of sour cream and shredded cheese on a bed of rice.

    It adds up to 480 calories and gets you 100% of your daily recommended does of vitamin C.

  • KFC

    Just cause you go to KFC doesn't mean you have to get fried chicken.

    If you go the grilled chicken route and order a side of green beans with it, you've got a delicious meal for only 465 calories.

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