Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to tell you that Wendy's new Strawberry Frosty has landed here on the SouthCoast and it's dunk-worthy.

The date was Wednesday, June 8, when my tastebuds went on a magical and delicious journey. I was craving something sweet but salty at the same time. That's when the 'New Strawberry Frosty' sign outside of Wendy's smacked me in the face as I was passing by on Route 6 in Dartmouth.

It's been an absolute minute since I've been to Wendy's or any fast food joint for that matter, and this was as enticing as it gets. My expectations were high and admittedly, Wendy's delivered in a strong way.

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I'll be blunt: If you like strawberry ice cream, then you'll love this new Frosty flavor. It was cold, it was thick and it was delicious. Throughout my life, I've followed the path of a true New Englander and would always get a side of fries with every order at Wendy's in order to dunk those crispy, salty, golden potato sticks into the creamy chocolate and vanilla. Now there's strawberry.

Here's how it went:

As usual, it was difficult to consume with a straw, so I had to break out the complimentary plastic spoon. One by one, the fries found their way into the frozen strawberry beverage that is sweeping the country one Wendy's at a time.

Ask me if it was worth trying and I'll tell you that you're missing out if you don't.

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