Random Acts of Kindness are all around us.

On November 30th, 2017 around 7:30 PM, I was benching some mild weight of 225 Lbs at Anytime Fitness in Dartmouth... no biggie. It was chest day and I was feeling over-confident, that is of course until disaster struck.

I was pushing higher reps than I normally would do and on the very last push, I mis-calculated the hinges to re-rack the weight and found myself stuck with no steam left in the tank. At this point the barbell was now laying on my chest, pushing heavily on my rib-cage.

I looked around hoping somone would realize that an idiot (that being me) forgot to put the safety side racks and was struggling like a fool. Finally, I caught eyes with a fellow gym member who immediately ran over to help me rack the weight again successfully.

I thanked the guy multiple times, but unfortunately, he left before I could catch his name. So, in hopes that he sees this post... I only want to say one thing (again):


If ANYONE knows who this guy is, please tell him I'm looking for him, I'd like to return the favor somehow. He was wearing red headphones and a black sweatshirt that says "SEEKONK SPEEDWAY" on it.

Below are some photos I creepily took (sorry about this...):