I get this question often: "Gazelle, why don't you show your wife's face on social media?"

My answer is simple. I respect her privacy.

In the past, I've oversaturated my relationships on the internet and it felt fake. My wife is everything to me and I love her more than life. However, I've learned that some things in life are sacred. Our relationship is our own business.

Sure, there are times I'd love to post a cute selfie or two, but I made a promise to my wife four years ago when we met and have kept it. She and I are complete opposites and she's still getting used to the popularity my career has generated, so it's only fair to meet her halfway.

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It all began when we swiped right on Tinder and agreed to meet up for a drink. I asked her early on if she was interested in keeping our lives to ourselves and off of Facebook and Instagram. She was 100% on board.

Later, she became comfortable sharing photos of the two of us as long as her face was hidden. Keeping my wife's life off of social media is rooted in respect for boundaries. By safeguarding her privacy, I'm able to foster a sense of trust and security. In an era of oversharing, this decision demonstrates a conscious effort to cherish and protect our life together, ensuring a stronger, more meaningful bond.

Social media has been known to ruin relationships. Sadly, there's a whole generation that depends on social acceptance through likes and comments. I'm just here to be the best husband and dog dad I can be outside of Facebook.

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