If there's one thing I need to work on, it's committing to new resolutions.

Every year seems to be the same old "song and dance" for me when it comes to change. It's never easy (at least that's how I view it), but sometimes you just got to do, what you got to do.

I feel as though everyone aims for the same goals making the originality of the change dull and the same as everyone else: lose weight, quit drinking, quit smoking, quit this and that... I'm tired of walking down the same path, I need a new journey.

As of 2018, I will "attempt" to make the following change:


1.) Cook More (Healthier), Eat Out Less:

When you add up how much you go out to eat each week (especially someone with a crazy busy schedule similar to mine), it becomes costly. One night out could buy a week's worth of food from the grocery store. $30 for one meal versus $30 in meat that could be cooked several different ways and not to mention on the healthy side? Yeah, I'm going to need some cookbooks.

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2.) Manage and Crack Down On Personal Financing:

Again, this also ties into the whole "cook more, eat out less" concept, dining out can become expensive. Weekend adventures will be cut in half (if not all together) at bars and clubs. I'll aim to start saving money to help with emergency funds such as car repairs, rent, and even groceries. As if I was just handing out/throwing away money last year, I found myself constantly struggling to stay above water and started getting behind on bills. This will be the most effective change as far as my lifestyle is concerned, but the "end-game" will be well worth the wait and hard work.


3.) Visit Family & Friends More Often:

My life could not be any busier than it is right now and sometimes my work and lifestyle gets in the way of the most important things in my life: my family and friends. I have lost friends in the past from working too much and neglecting to find time to hang out (even if it's only for an hour). I barely see my own family and have even lost loved ones with the one and only regret- not spending enough time together. If I stay true to the first two resolutions, then this should be no problem... but it needs to be a priority. I'm blessed to still have a couple grandparents still with me, and it's been tough dealing with the reality of knowing that they're getting up there in age. Among my friends who have ALWAYS been there for me and my family (Godson included), this will benefit not only 2018, but many years after and beyond.


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