Gosh, remember the good old days of Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande?

It's the Fun 107 crew from the future, reminiscing about those glorious days way back in 2019–when we all still had pretty good hair, especially those of us that could make it to the barber or salon often. Oh, and we loved laying out in the sun because SouthCoast summers are the best.

It's definitely one of those moments where you think, "If I knew then what I know now." We don't even want to log onto that old website, Facebook. All those pictures showing us how good we had it.

via FaceApp

We all agree Michael Rock lucked out. He looks like a silver fox. Good looking guys with gray hair are still called that, right?

via FaceApp

Nancy looks great too! She is still trying to find a good "Back in The Day Cafe" song that we all love. Thinking an oldie from Ed Sheeran or Billie Eilish would be great.

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Gazelle may be older, but he's still looking pretty fit. Sixty years of straight kayaking will do that to you.

And me, I'd like to think I've still remained pretty hip in my 90s (and without needing a hip replacement). Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go check out the latest track from the Jonas Grandkids.

I hope you got a laugh at our pictures from the FaceApp. We have seen so many of our favorite celebrities show us their "Age" picture and thought wouldn't it be interesting to see what some of the staff would look like 60 years from now.

Now we want to see yours! Grab that FaceApp and hit the "Age" filter and send your pictures to us right through the Fun107 app.