Classrooms around the world look entirely different than they did back in 2019. This academic year has shown many challenges, but teachers everywhere have faced them with grace and for that, we cannot thank them enough.

A teacher on the SouthCoast has performed an act of kindness that has warmed more than just the hands of her students, but their hearts as well. Mrs. Jennifer Pease is an eighth-grade math teacher at Elizabeth Hastings Middle School in Fairhaven. Her nomination for the SouthCoast Teacher of the Month award was special because a student wrote it with so much love and admiration in their hearts that it simply could not be ignored.

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"I think Mrs. Pease should be the teacher of the month. She is my math teacher this year and she is my favorite teacher. She makes class really fun and for the first time in all of middle school, I am passing math class. She has stayed on our online classes longer with me just to help me with my work and reteach me a lesson If I don’t understand.

In school, she always notices when someone is having a bad day and will spend time talking to us about real-life things when we are having a difficult time, like understanding the election or dealing with friends and family having COVID. She shares her own stories about her three daughters and it feels like she has a good relationship with everyone in the class.

Also, she bought a pair of gloves for every student in the grade since we need to keep the windows open in the school this year and it gets really cold in the classroom. It is the first brand new pair of gloves I have ever owned and they keep us all warm when learning and we can use them on our phone’s touchscreen too. Mrs. Pease is the best and I think she should win because she really cares and makes learning fun."

Congratulations to Mrs. Jennifer Pease for being Fun 107's SouthCoast Teacher of the Month for February of 2021. As the winner of this month’s award, Mrs. Pease will receive a gift card for $100 to Amazon so she can continue to make this classroom a fun place to learn. A special thank you to our sponsor Spindle City Auto Glass for helping to make this classroom even better.

Michael and Maddie wish to share this video with Mrs. Jennifer Pease:

If your child’s teacher is one of those amazing human beings that goes above and beyond for their students and deserves some recognition this year, nominate him or her for the SouthCoast Teacher of the Month award HERE. They may be as lucky as Mrs. Pease.

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