Everyone has that one teacher.  The one teacher in their life that only settled for your very best.  The teacher that made learning fun.  A teacher that taught you to dream big and to be proud of your hard work.  The SouthCoast is full of these superstar teachers.  and Fun 107 is dedicated to giving them the spotlight they deserve.  If you know a SouthCoast teacher worthy of Fun 107’s Teacher of the Month, nominate them now using the form below.

We thank our generous and caring sponsors, A&M Driving School, Baystate Movement Academy, Baystate Gymnastics Academy, and First Citizens Federal Credit Union for helping us to pull this off each month.

Michael, Maddie, and Gazelle love visiting SouthCoast schools and surprising deserving teachers. If your candidate wins, they will receive a little something to help make their classroom even better.  Your child's teacher will be recognized with a $200 Amazon gift card.  Former recipients of this award have used the gift to buy school supplies, tools, and resources to help their students learn the way they need to in order to thrive.

In addition to the Amazon gift card, award recipients will also be given a $50 gift card to a SouthCoast restaurant to enjoy a night out for themselves. Our teachers work tirelessly to make the school year great for our kids, so they deserve a nice night out.

Teachers all over the SouthCoast deserve every ounce of recognition possible. So, let’s show our teachers some love. Use the form below to submit your entry.

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