The new school year is underway and your kids are getting to know their new teacher. And parents will figure out how they feel about them soon, too.

In most schools, at any age, there are the teachers every kid hopes they have and the ones they dread. But where on the SouthCoast are the "best" teachers?

While opinions on this one can be all over the place, one school-specific site claims to have the say on the best teachers for every area of the country, even the SouthCoast.

What Makes a Teacher the Best?

According to, there is a lot that goes into being called the "best teacher." The site ranks school districts based on teacher-to-student ratio, and reviews from parents and students. Overall education level of the school district is also factored into the final results.

Using all the above credentials, then gives each school district's teachers a grade, much like teachers would give their own students.

While most schools on the SouthCoast earned themselves a B or above, a couple of local school districts fell below the "good performance" grade level to simply the satisfactory grade level of a C or C-.

Luckily no schools on the SouthCoast fell further than that and every school in our area had at least one rave review by a student for an amazing teacher they had during their time in that school's district. It proves there are awesome teachers everywhere on the SouthCoast, many who deserve a nomination for our SouthCoast Teacher of the Month Award.

Keep scrolling to see where your school district landed on the list of the SouthCoast's Best Teachers.

SouthCoast School Districts with the Best Teachers

There are a lot of amazing teachers on the SouthCoast and as parents we appreciate them all. Yet one site asked students who they felt had the best teachers around and the results may surprise you.

How Does That List Compare to SouthCoast Teacher Salaries?

According to the most recent reports of teacher salaries across Massachusetts (for the year 2019-2020), several SouthCoast school district are among those that pay the best. So how much are the teachers in your school district averaging?

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