Who knew that dieting and eating healthy could taste so good?

As I near the end of the 8-week "Summer Slim-Down" program with Plan-It Eats, I'm now noticing a huge difference in my stomach.

The combination of eating healthy and working out with my girlfriend (my number one motivator) has resulted in a huge positive increase in my health and well-being. Don't forget, even though dieting and eating healthy contributes to about 90% of weight loss, you still have to get out there and move around. Whether it's weight lifting, cardio or a combination of both... eating the right foods and exercise is the key to a great physique.

I started dieting and exercising on my own once I hit an unhealthy weight total of 303 pounds, but once I hit 275-280, I was stuck and couldn't break the plateau.

That's when I called Michael Glassman (CEO of Plan-It Eats/Clean Eats Delivery).

Since then I've been able to drop the "LB's" significantly, just by eating healthy (and of course running beside my better half *insert winky-face emoji*). My current weight is 240 pounds and I'll tell you... a 63 pound loss feels amazing on the knees and joints!

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Check out the video above, it explains EVERYTHING you'll need to know about the program and how EASY it is to not only lose weight, but get hooked on a great diet/wellness program.

Click below for a few BEFORE/AFTER photos!


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