My name is Gazelle and I am a terrible golfer.

In my lifetime, I've only golfed a good 8-10 times total, but 90 percent of the time, I only played a quick game of nine holes. Sunday was my first time completing 18 holes and my back is paying the price for it.

The Providence Rugby Club had its annual golf tournament over the weekend over at the Swansea Country Club and it was quite the day.

Over 40 teams safely distanced from each other loaded up their golf carts and headed off onto the greens to begin the tournament. Each team had four golfers and started at different parts of the course to separate the play.

It wasn't until about halfway when I had discovered a whole new respect for people who golf on the regular.

Fatigue hit quickly and I thought the day was never going to end. It's not like I didn't want to be out there, 18 holes just seemed like an eternity at the time. The company was great, the adult beverage cart was generous and the sun was shining. It was the perfect day, but when you're someone like myself who is inexperienced in the sport, it can come off as a bit intimidating.

My form may be horrible and my swing is a bit uncontrollable, but I gave it my best and even got a few good shots in now and then. And in a bit of a SouthCoast connection, I only used Titleist golf balls since they seemed to be the only brand that didn't slice to the left or the right.

To think that I used a golf cart and was still tired at the end of the day was inexcusable compared to golfers who actually walk the entire way. Talk about a workout that requires a Fitbit.

My views are completely different and I think it's time to take the game a little more seriously from here on out, but before I do, here's a small but epic snippet of one of my connections with the golf ball:

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