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If you've ever eaten pizza when you're on a diet or missed a workout... It's no big deal and you didn't blow it.

When You Blow It

Honestly there's no such thing as totally blowing it unless you have completely thrown in the towel. This is true for every aspect of our lives - not just diet and fitness.

Just because you claim to be on a diet and then eat half a pizza doesn't mean you blew it. It just means you ate pizza.

Just because you were on a roll with your workouts and suddenly find yourself 2 weeks without doing so much as a squat doesn't mean you blew it. It means there were two weeks with no exercise.

We hang our heads, tell ourselves we suck, and wallow in self pity as we continue with destructive behavior. Why is it so difficult to accept our behavior, acknowledge that we will do better, and then allow ourselves the space to improve?

The goal is give ourselves enough credit to be the person we want to be. The fabric we're cut from is not all that different. The decisions we make are all our own. We cannot pass blame, we cannot feel sorry for ourselves, and we cannot wait until tomorrow to do better. Take this life by the jewels. Accept your stumbles as lessons and move forward. There is no such thing as tomorrow.

Additional Reporting By: Mikaylee McEwan

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