Townpool Nantucket shared this video on their Facebook page on Wednesday, December 6th with the caption "Dolphins in the harbor in December. Nantucket is paradise.” Clearly the waters are still warm enough after this mild fall to bring in wildlife like this adorable little dolphin.

There are two parts to this short video that make it worth watching. First of all, you have a dolphin showing up in the harbor on a December day, which is so cute and almost makes me want to dive in and play in the water…almost. Second, the guy in the background saying "Look at that guy right there. That's a flippah" with the deepest 'Boston' accent possible. Can’t tell if he was trying too hard, or 100% legit. You decide or yourself.

Of course this video reminds me of the one we all know and love about a sunfish that looked like a baby whale according to Michael Bergin of Malden back in September of 2015.

For those of you who don’t remember, Bergin posted a video on Facebook of him fishing with his friend, Jay Foster when they suddenly saw a strange creature in the water. First he thought it was a sea turtle, then a baby whale, then a sea monster. The video is full of expletives and we can’t share it here, but you most definitely would remember the classic Boston accent adding a little something special to Michael’s narration.

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