Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo have officially broken up their three year relationship and rumor has it that cheating was the main cause.

Jordin and Jason had been dating for a little over three years, so last week when they announced their break up, the rumors starting flowing that Derulo was cheating and had possibly been involved with model Carmen Ortega.

According to the site Hollywood Life, Ortega said that she was in a month long relationship with Derulo but had no idea he was dating Sparks. The pair met in a recording studio in Los Angeles over the summer. Ortega was quoted saying, "We dated for a month. We went out in public with friends a few times, so I assumed he didn’t have a girlfriend." She also said she called it quits right when she found out he was dating Jordin Sparks.

Derulo also told Us Weekly that infidelity, cheating or deceit did not play any part in their break up and that they ended on good terms. However, for the past week Sparks has been pretty sad about the break up, tweeting about writing sad songs and saying the only thing making her smile is football.

Sparks went on the Wendy Williams show yesterday and said she was doing just fine, quoting that they set themselves up by speaking about marriage at a young age. Wendy Williams asked Jordin if the cheating rumors were true and her response was, "I actually don’t want to comment on that."

You can hear the story and part of her interview with Wendy Williams below: