The crowd at CES erupted on Saturday night as the final announcement was called:

"Your winner, by unanimous decision, Mascarenhas!"

New Bedford's very own Wilson "Ill Will" Mascarenhas once again secured the "W" in a triumphant return to the boxing ring.

On May 20, Mascarenhas took on Benjamin "Daddy Lumba" Lamptey of Ghana at Park Theater in Cranston, Rhode Island, adding another win to his belt for a 7-1 (2 KOs) standing record.

The final unanimous call was 60-54.

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Supporters from all over came to watch the fight, including Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson, who is in Rhode Island to film Good Burger 2. 

"I noticed him as soon as I got into the ring," Mascarenhas told Fun 107. "He was shouting advice and telling me to do this, do that and it was just so surreal."

It's nothing less than the comeback fight of the year after Mascarenhas was told by his doctor that he'd never fight again after a stabbing.

His recovery brought him trials and tribulations along the way as he dealt with depression and stress.

"I have these goals that I want to reach for the stars and I have more work to do," Mascarenhas said. "I still have to grind. I'm never satisfied. This win took the pressure off my shoulders and just getting back into the ring after a whole year of therapy, feeling depressed and stressed, I was able to manifest that. I'm moving forward."

After the event, Mascarenhas called his opponent into the locker room to thank him for the fight and show his respect.

Courtesy Wilson Mascarenhas
Courtesy Wilson Mascarenhas

"Before I made my way to the ring, I heard my support team booing him and that bummed me out," Mascarenhas said. "He (Lamptey) just pulled a 20-hour flight with a week or two notice to fight and although he was ready and in shape, I still wanted to show him love and respect and the sportsmanship.

"At the end of the day, this is business and what we do, we're warriors. I wanted to give him the opportunity just like I did. I came from nothing, and sometimes we have to step back and realize that we need to show people more respect."

Mascarenhas is very grateful to New Bedford and the SouthCoast for the love and support, and he stresses the message that no matter what you go through, you should never quit on yourself.

There are no ceilings where Mascarenhas is headed as his journey continues onward, one fight at a time.

"I never thought I was going to hear the crowd again especially going through what I went through. I'm back baby. it's due time Let's win."

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