On Wednesday, April 3, Fall River experienced a special visit from Simon Gallup, the acclaimed bassist of the legendary 1980s English rock band The Cure.

His stop at Miss Lizzie’s Coffee on Second Street made a lasting impression on the local community, especially General Manager Olivia Pereira, who was delighted to welcome the music icon.

Some of The Cure's most beloved hits include "Lovesong," "Friday, I'm in Love," "Pictures of You" and "Boys Don't Cry."

Pereira, already acquainted with a family member of Gallup, had previously discussed his interest in visiting the cozy coffee shop.

Gallup called ahead to ensure a quiet visit after closing hours, and got to sit down with the Pereira family over a hot cup of cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso as they shared laughter over spooky stories.

Joe Pereira, owner of Miss Lizzie’s and a Fall River native, enjoyed Gallup's friendly demeanor and down-to-earth personality, as he shared stories about Fall River's infamous figure, Lizzie Borden.

Pereira received a recent call from an actor (to be kept anonymous) with a production company expressing interest in filming a story or movie at Miss Lizzie’s Coffee Shop this week.

Shortly after, another (also anonymous) Hollywood producer contacted him expressing a similar desire to feature the establishment in a movie.

"It's fantastic for our area, showcasing all the positive and great offerings Fall River is known for," Joe Pereira concluded, recognizing the attention drawn to his coffee shop.

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As discussions for potential movies progress, Miss Lizzie’s Coffee remains dedicated to providing a welcoming space for everyone, promoting local talent, and sharing Fall River's cultural heritage.

Lastly, Pereira emphasized that their goal is to offer more than just caffeinated beverages, striving to create an experience that recognizes the city's best.

Miss Lizzie’s remains committed to bringing people together and spreading happiness, while Gallup's visit reminds us of the value of celebrity interactions, highlighting the coffee shop's warm hospitality and community spirit in Fall River.

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