After failing an air quality test for elevated levels of mold spores last week, the Oxford School has been officially deemed safe by the Department of Public Health.  That means that the school is now officially open for business.  Wood School students will begin their school year there on Tuesday morning.  Monday's air quality test results showed no traces of black mold in the building.

Principal Amy Hartley-Matteson said, "There is no question.  The Oxford School building is extremely safe. Together with the Department of Public  Health, the Fairhaven Board of health, an environmental consultant, and Fairhaven safety officials we have identified potential issues and have moved immediately to remediate those issues."

A section of the building West of the cafeteria will be sealed up because of its exposure to dirt and water (two things mold needs to flourish).

Superintendant Dr. Robert Baldwin says that the mold was a pre-existing conditon in the building that was stirred it up by teachers and staff preparing for the new school year.  Baldwin also said the DPH will keep a close eye on the Oxford School.

Kindergarten orientation will take place as scheduled at 10am Thursday morning.  The rest of the students will report for the first day of school on Tuesday morning.


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