It's the first time in its 124-year run that the Boston Marathon will not happen, but many are going to make the most of it.

I haven't trained at all for the Boston Marathon but I know several of my friends that continued to train for the oldest marathon in the world that takes place in Boston every fall.

The event hasn't ever been canceled, not even after the Boston Marathon bombings, because safety measures were put in place to make sure that wouldn't ever happen again. But marathon coordinators just couldn't find a way that the marathon could go on safely this year in a way that could protect the participants and attendees.

Many that have trained for years to take part in this marathon are going to have to wait another year to be able to run this historic race, yet some that have put in countless hours of training refuse to let the pandemic stop them from challenging themselves. Many will race each other virtually through the Boston Athletic Administration. They will require racers who still want to complete it to run the race in under six hours between September 7-14. They will have to provide proof of length and time in order to receive their medal and race shirts. Those that don't want to participate virtually will get a refund of all their registration fees.

For those that trained for the event, this is definitely a disappointment but now we have a year to kick our own butts and motivate ourselves for next year.

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