Boston Marathon Runners Help One Cross The Finish Line!
This is the definition of #BostonStrong! At the end of a 26 mile run full of exhaustion and sweat, there are still people willing to help each other out! This is how it was before the attack and how it will be always. Kudos to the runners who helped the guy across the line...
Marathon Runner “Twerks” To Finish Line
What a great day in Boston yesterday as the Boston Marathon was celebrated by almost 1 Million spectators and over 30,000 runners.
We saw the first American win on the mens side since 1983, a beautiful day, many happy faces, and THIS women who may have had the best finish line move of all the runners…
13 Reasons Why
Running has countless benefits -- it's good for your health, your heart, your stress levels and might even increase your lifespan. Too bad almost every runner is a massive jerk.