It looks like they are implementing thermal cameras for everyone coming into the Los Angeles airport. This will be the trial run that will help other airports across the country decide on whether the cameras will work for them as well.

While many might disagree with me, I'm so down to have to walk through a thermal camera to feel safer traveling, especially in this time of COVID-19.

Many argue it's some kind of invasion of privacy but if you have traveled through an airport in the last decade you would have walked through a scanner; this camera would basically be the same experience for us except it will record our temperature. I'm willing to take the extra step to ensure we can travel safely.

I love to travel too much that I couldn't see myself not getting on a plane for another year.

Yes, I agree traveling was already such a pain. Going through security was already pretty stressful and lots of rules for us to remember and follow, but this new step would really only take another few seconds and I think the traveling public overall will feel a little safer.

Does this thermal camera alleviate all our doubts when traveling? Probably not, but don't we take risks getting on a plane to begin with? For me, I'm down with thermal cameras, bring them on.

What do you think? Would you be fine having to walk through a thermal camera that could alert TSA that you may have a temperature? Or do you think this is an invasion of your privacy and would opt out?

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