Don't be alarmed if you find a giant stuffie in your travels this summer. They are all part of a new campaign Rhode Island is launching this June aimed at capitalizing on food tourism to the Ocean State.

If you have yet to have a stuffie in your life, do yourself a favor (flavor?). Thought to have been brought to America by Portuguese and Italian immigrants, they have become a Rhode Island staple throughout the years.

Now the state plans to use them as the dish to attract foodies to the East Coast this summer.

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According to Rhode Island Commerce Corporation (RICC) Chief Marketing Officer, Anika Kimble-Huntley,

"The goal of the airport installations is to provide an eye-catching visual intended to make potential visitors curious to learn more about Rhode Island. In addition to the stuffie, we are also exploring various installation and activation concepts, including a Newport Mansion mock-up and other unique aspects of Rhode Island."

RICC plans to roll out these massive mouthfuls of quahogs at four airports across the country this June, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Baltimore and Detroit, though the exact size of the stuffies has yet to be determined.

Sadly T.F. Green and Logan are much too close to make the campaign useful, so no giant stuffies will be displayed nearby.

Still you may come across one of these tremendous tasty treats in your travels this summer and if you do, you should totally pose for a picture with one. I mean, when else in your life are you going to have the opportunity to pose with massive signature dishes of New England?

RICC hopes the campaign will highlight "unique and delicious cuisine offered in Rhode Island." We think there are a few other giant foods they could try too.

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Rhode Island plans to use its signature stuffie in a new $4.5 million marketing campaign this summer. Huge stuffed quahogs will be displayed in airports across the country, but are there other foods the state could use?
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