Long ago in New Bedford we had NBIS, the New Bedford Institution for Savings Bank. A local friendly bank that made things easy for its customers I remember that people loved going there and rarely had any complaints.

NOw, in 2013 , complaints are everywhere about the big banks and the way they do business. Customer service is weak, many bank employees are rude, and I"m sure that fees are tops among consumer complaints. Everything from fees to send you a statement, to fees to simply cash a check.

People use their debit card for everything today, and it seems like banks take every opportunity they can to charge you an overdraft fee. Banks will tell you, "Its not our fault that you don't keep enough money in your account", but they don't take iinto account that many people live day to day and paycheck to paycheck.

I recently read a story that said the big banks don't even want the average Joe to be a customer with them, there just isn't enough money in it for them.

Maybe that's why credit unions are probably the way to go. At least you have a better chance at getting a smile.